About Open Prosthetics

Open Prosthetics (OP) is a web-based education and collaboration initiative of the Shared Design Alliance, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. We are dedicated to facilitating crowd-sourced curation of information and collaboration in the field of prosthetics and coping with missing body parts in general. OP was created and has been maintained with the hope of producing useful innovations, and of creating an environment conducive to the creation of such innovations: the "adjacent possible"

OP is a forum for collaboration among users, designers and funders with the goal of making our creations available for anyone to use and build upon. The site seeks to inspire and serve a core group of lead users and to speed up and amplify the impact of their innovations in the industry.

With the launch of this new site, OP consolidates for the first time the functions previously contained in as many as five sites created by the original founders: social networking, wiki, blog, collaboration and project management. Perhaps most importantly, this new version of the website adds the simple capability to share and add metadata to a variety of internet link types, including images, videos, patents, news, products, companies, and academic articles. Think of it as Pinterest, but beyond images, with different features tailored to deal with each of these link types in a slightly different way. In this way, OP is designed to focus on content about a niche area of knowledge about which more common tools have failed to easily lead to useful information.

Where our previous main page at openprosthetics.org was a TextPattern blog, this site contains a wiki like the one we maintained at Wikispot, has social aspects like our Ning site, and has the capability of sorting and categorizing many types of shared links in a much better way than a list serv.

We invite you to join us in helping contribute to a productive dialog around innovation in prosthetics, testing its capabilities, and in extending and repurposing those capabilities to other ends.